Staff & Board of Directors

Joy Ranch is a home, not an institution. Joy Ranch is a ministry, not a job. These are our missionaries, not our employees.

Susan Huxster,
Executive Director

Glenna Cox,
Administrative Director & HR Director

Christy King,
Services Coordinator

Terry Smith, 

Courtenay Houston,
Director of Development

Peter Pratt,
Facilities Manager

Suzanne King,
Community Manager

Lynn Pratt,
Community Manager

Gene & Bethany Collins,
Exodus Girls House Parents

Hannah & Gabe Martin,
Relief House Parents

Ethan Pratt,
Boys Relief House Parent

Kelley Bracken,
Girls Relief House Parent

Denise Platz,

Mandy Nester,
Media & Communications

Board of Directors

Independent, Voting Members

Mr. Ronald Newman, Chairman

Ms. Beth White, Secretary

Ms. Sandy West, Treasurer

Ms. Shannon Hall

Mr. Tom McChesney

Mr. Greg Hampton

Ms. Carol Boring