Joyful Volunteers from Boston College

by | Mar 21, 2022 | News, Volunteer News | 0 comments

Last week, we had the privilege of hosting two groups of joyful volunteers from Boston College. What an amazing group of young people who took their time to work so hard around campus and love our kids!

One team tutored our residents daily, and we saw significant improvement in one of our kid’s Geometry grade!  They also had some who worked in the HPHC Thrift Store each day.  The same group also worked at Deer Haven Blueberry Farm cleaning up getting the bushes ready for Spring.

The other team worked on some maintenance projects on our campus.  They dug up a busted drain line at the gym, organized our Christmas decorations, cleaned up in and around the Ruby Handy Building, took down some unnecessary fencing in the pasture, and painted kitchen cabinet doors.

Plus, both groups participated in P.E. with our kiddos each evening.  During P.E. On Tuesday evening, one of their team members broke his thumb in three places.  He flew home to Mississippi the next day and had surgery.

For fun, our Volunteer Coordinator took one group to hear some mountain music on Wednesday evening. Another fun outing was a day of hiking Pilot Mountain in NC.

We were so blessed by their youthful enthusiasm and tireless love for our kids. So, a BIG THANKS to Boston College and these super folks who came to visit!


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