Any given day, it is likely that you will find Christy buried beneath a stack of paperwork, busily working through mountains of data, forms, files, applications, and any other document you can imagine. Walk into her office though, and no matter how busy she is, she will stop, smile, and kindly converse with you as if you were an old friend, even if you have only just met her for the first time in that moment!

As the Services Coordinator, Christy King, often referred to as ‘a pillar of Joy Ranch,’ has an enormous role to fill, and she does so incredibly well- on top of helping out any way that she is able to around the Joy Ranch campus.

“Christy King, often referred to as ‘a pillar of Joy Ranch,’ has an enormous role to fill…”

Christy and her daughter, Caylee.

Christy has been with Joy Ranch for nearly fifteen years, and her role here entails a plethora of aspects: coordinating services with community resources to provide for the needs for our kids, coordinating services to provide opportunities in the community, scheduling appointments, coordinating transportation, assisting the Community Managers, handling all medical information, keeping the files up to licensing standards, working on admission and discharge paperwork, and coordinating Christmas groups...just to name a few!!

So how did Joy Ranch find the one and only Christy King? We believe that God brought her here.

Fifteen years ago, Christy was working at a daycare when she began to struggle with the situations from which many of the children she was working with came. Her heart felt burdened for these kids and what their futures might hold.

As she began to search through this heaviness in her heart, one of her Sunday School teachers called “out of the blue” to tell her that Joy Ranch had an opening; for some reason, this teacher had simply felt led to tell Christy about it.

She began to pray and deeply consider applying to work at Joy Ranch; for her, it was a way to help children she had been so burdened for to have a chance at a brighter future with their needs being met, to help them see they are loved and wanted and most of all to be able to do these things in a Christian environment.

As he often does, God opened the doors at the right time and she began her role at Joy Ranch.

According to Christy, she loves her role here at Joy Ranch: “I love what I do, the kids that God entrust us with and the awesome group of staff I get to work with! I  feel that God has placed me here and intends on me to stay right now until He shows me otherwise.”

Christy’s mini-me!

In addition to her multifaceted role here at Joy, Christy is also a busy mother of an 8 year old, Caylee, whom the Joy Ranch staff often joke about as the “future Joy Ranch Director!” Miss Caylee, sassy and strong-willed, currently loves mermaids, unicorns, the color pink, and anything to do with Paris (although she has not been there…yet!)

In her free time, Christy is a car enthusiast: she loves old cars and fast cars and enjoys going to car shows and even drag races. She also enjoys the outdoors, rodeos, and even mud-bogging!

Most of all, though, she loves spending time with her mini-me, Caylee.

About Joy Ranch, Christy has a heart for the community to see firsthand the work of the Joy Ranch team…

…and the tireless effort our staff puts in so that each one of our children have a home and a family here. She encourages anyone to schedule a visit to our campus and meet our team, take a tour, and get to know what Joy Ranch is all about!


Have a question about our services? To get in contact with Christy King, our Services Coordinator, you can reach her at If you have questions or comments about Joy Ranch, contact Hannah Lee at





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