On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me eleven pipers piping.

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Oh what creative fun was this one! Our very own Liz Fernandez ran around getting pictures of our pipers… Let us explain a few of them!

  1. Charlene Austin, our ERC Coordinator, fluty piper
  2. Elaina Pratt, “piping” some icing on the cake
  3. Alex & Nana, sword piping
  4. Suzanne King, Community Manager, loud piper
  5. Liz Fernandez, the confused piper 🙂
  6. Dan Austin, Director, the Covid piper (get it?!)
  7. Susan Archer, our “volunteer” Volunteer Coordinator (she’s a lovely piper)
  8. Erin Austin, Program Assistant, smiling piper
  9. Paula Fulks, PRN Houseparents & Volunteers, sweet piper
  10. Elam Nester, son of Mandy Nester, warm piper

We don’t toot our own horn, but God truly has blessed us with wonderful kids to love, caring staff to lead them, and lots of super volunteers. And, he’s blessed us with YOU who pray, give, and volunteer. Thank you!

(In the song, the eleven pipers are symbolic of the eleven disciples left after Judas betrayed Jesus.)


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