With all this free time due to the quarantine, it has become a trend that people are doing projects and then posting about them online. Whether home-improvements, building bird houses or doing landscaping everyone finally has time to get to those “to-do” lists.

However, it has been the opposite for us here at Joy Ranch. Having everyone home all the time, means that a lot of our bigger projects have to wait and we have to find creative ways to keep everyone busy. How do you get everyone learning and keep boredom at bay?

How do you get everyone learning and keep boredom at bay?

For our girls the answer is a photography project. Through generous donations from our Facebook donors each of our girls was able to get a digital camera as an Easter gift. They were beyond thrilled and immediately set to work documenting their days!

We designed a project so that we could explore campus each day with each resident having a specific thing they should look for and capture. Of course, they could take a snapshot of anything they chose but each day they had an “assignment” as well. The results are pretty great.

Check out our Facebook page to view the album (entitled “Kid’s photos”) and vote for your favorite photo(s) from each of the six category (by hitting the “like” or “love” button). The categories are:

1. Animals/Bugs

2. Flowers

3. Free choice

4. Plants

5. Rocks

6. Trees

Here are some examples of their handiwork:

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