School days, school days…

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Our kids have been back to virtual school for a month or so now and it’s going well. Here they are along with some of their current interests! Please pray for them as they work hard in their studies this year.

Kaitlyn in the 8th grade this year. She loves baking and organizing.

Sarah is a Senior this year! She will be taking her driver’s license test soon and is enjoying diamond art.

Cheyenne is a Senior this year. She works at Matthews Five & Dime and volunteers at the Galax Public Library. She also crochets!

Julia is a Freshman this year! She will soon be volunteering at Copper Crest Horse Farm and loves art.

Evy enjoys reading, naps, youth group, animals of all kids and is hoping to become a labor & delivery nurse. She’s taking 8th & 9th grade classes this year.

Chloe is a Senior this year! She works at McDonalds and loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Danny is in the 5th grade and enjoys running, fishing, and making people laugh.

Ellie is in the 7th grade this year. She enjoys sports (especially softball), baking, working with kids and youth group.
Junior is one of our 5th grade students this year. He loves trucks, tractors, fishing and the great outdoors.

Lily is in the 8th grade and plays volleyball at Carroll County Middle School. She also enjoys a number of sports and loves her youth group, spending time with friends and making people laugh.

Isaiah is in the 10th grade and on the Carroll County Cavalier football team. He also loves basketball, being active, going to youth group and Fortnite.


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