What A Mighty God We Serve!

I remember singing an old song growing up in church called “What A Mighty God We Serve.” When our Director, Dan, shared the following story with me, this song came to mind because our amazing God is still in the blessing and miracle-working business!

We had been discussing mailing a letter to local businesses who had made donations in the past for the children’s Christmas gifts. Said letter had been drafted and was about to be printed and mailed. However, God chose to provide before we even had to mail the letter!

Dan had a certain amount in mind that we needed in order to be able to take the children of Joy Ranch to the Ark Encounter/Creation Museum in Kentucky next year. Our kids have been on campus for three-fourths of 2020 and it’s been challenging for them at times. Most of them are very excited about the possibility of visiting this life-sized ark portraying the story of Noah and the flood. [My family and I got to visit it in October and it was very inspiring and educational, so I was really excited for the Joy Ranch family to go next year!]

Before we could even mail the letter, a pastor popped up with a donation of almost the entire amount! Then, a generous local business is doing a fundraiser through mid-December to help with the remaining bit it will take.

Now, how’s that for our Mighty God blessing… before we even asked!

Remember, folks – 2020 has been challenging for sure, but there are blessings to be found if we just seek Him. He loves us. He loves YOU.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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